Week 7 MKMMA Two strangers Same desire Different Outcomes.

It has been a cool morning and the sun is slowly rising over the side of the house, probably several hours after sunrise.  The old man sits in his rocking chair contemplating his day.  As he sits slowly rocking, he notices a young man sauntering along with his swag on his back.  He walks with some purpose as he approaches this new destination in his journey.  He has sighted the man sitting on the porch in his chair.  The dog lazily lifts his head to see who is approaching and lets out a gentle woof to let his master of many years know someone is coming their way.  By now the two men are about six feet apart.  The stranger has stopped adjacent to the picket fence.

“Morning” says the younger fella as he takes in the scenery of the dog, the old man and his comfortably worn but solid rocking chair.

“Howdy, young man how ya doing?” replies the man on the porch.  “You seem to have been walking a while.  Ya a welcome to rest up on this ole step just here”.

As the young one takes the chance to rest his legs awhile, he asks the old timer “What are the people like in this town?”

Before answering the old man offers the young fella a drink of cool refreshing water.  Without comment the young man accepts the water from the tank aside the house.  Cool, revitalising and just what is needed to whet his throat.   The old timer thinks for a moment or two then replies “How did you find the people in the town you left to come here?”

“They were rich of spirit, helpful, considerate, joyful, giving and caring.  Everyone was included in all that happened.  It was a great place and I was sorry to move on.” replied the young man.

“You will find them exactly the same in this town.” proudly quipped the older gentleman.

After some chit chat and a cool drink the young man thanks the old timer for his hospitality then takes his leave as he moves forward with his journey into the new town.  The day meandered by as summer days do.  The heat keeps everyone out of the sun.  Little happens until the cool of the afternoon wafts across the township as people come out of their day long isolation.  The afternoon sun is shining brightly on the rear of the house leaving the old man to rock comfortably in the late day breeze.  He looks up from his afternoon sit to notice a figure of a man wandering into the town.  This man has a different disposition to the man who wandered into his tranquillity this morning as he walked as though he kicked a rock as he walked.  This stranger happens upon the old man rocking and gruffly barks “Hey stranger what are the people like in this town?”

“Howdy young man”. sprukes the old man rocking slowly in the breeze.  “What were they like in the last town where you lived?”  He waits quietly as the young man considers the question.

“Did not like them very much.  They were cranky, bad mouthed, cussed a lot about each other.  No one helped when life was tough.  No one was willing to help with odd jobs.  In fact, I found them particularly mean spirited.  I’m pleased to see the end of them.” came his terse reply.

“Uhmn” says the old man thinking as he starts to speak “you will find them pretty much the same here.”

So you see the moral to this story is that your attitude dictates how you will be treated by others.  When you show others respect and consideration you will receive the same in return.  The story of the two people walking into town is a great analogy to MKMMA.





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Week 6 MKMMA Confusion to Conclusion

Over the past few weeks we have been working with colours and shapes.  Now we have to work out different shapes and colours on paper, white paper.  When I heard what we needed to do I was thinking to myself that this may be boring.  It is anything but.  This is fun. All that is missing is out pussy cat, she could come and sit on the paper and in a little while lay down and go to sleep.  At almost twenty years of age she still had some youthful exuberance when it came to being part of any play time.  Now days she plays at the Rainbow Bridge near heavens gate.

Words of a song bounce along in my mind ” “Red and Yellow, Blue and Green
Prettiest thing I’d ever seen…….”.  What other words bring this song together?  When I listen to the vocals, I decide that the song isn’t as lovely as I thought “You know it’s Red and Yellow, Blue and Green.  Lord this world treat a little child mean.”   The balance of this song confirms that my thoughts are correct.

Each week, there is more to learn and do in MKMMA.  Once upon a time I would be looking for an excuse to find a shortcut or shortcuts.   Since MKMMA commenced my interest has grown with the opportunities presented.  Some tasks are challenging while others are simple.  Every choice has chance available for my mind to change.  The shortcut eliminates the ability to learn.  All learning is by doing.

No Pain.  No Gain

 When we where children so many things we attempted didn’t work.  One day we stood up with the wobbles then fell over.  Our bum was heavily padded but we cried when it hit the ground.  Mum gave me a cuddle, a kiss or two on the cheek and said how clever I was.  Off I would go crawling all over the floor.  Time to try to stand up again.  Up I would go and down I would go.  Pride hurt.  Try again.  Down again.  Over and over until I stood up again AND STAYED STANDING.  Claps and cheers.  Cuddles and kisses.  How good is this!!!  The smile on my face was magic showing success all over my face.  This went on with various skills until they were mastered.  Wobble, walk a step or two, walk more effectively, walk skilfully.  I can walk.  What’s next!!!  Do the wobbly walk, fall over, cry if someone was looking, if no one was looking, just look around, dust myself of, try again and again and again until I could eventually run.  Learnt to ride a trickle then a bicycle.  The shock on my Mum’s face when I said  “Dad can I borrow the car, please?”  The shock was as much from Mum realising that time passes quickly and we grow up faster.

Around the same time as you want to borrow the family car, interest in girls takes precedent over most everything else.  You go to the dance looking for romance.  The biggest problem for everyone is the girls are all seated on one side of the room and the mere male on the other side.  In between is the longest walk in the world especially when the answer is “no thanks” or sometimes just “NO”.  Reality shows it is about 10 to 15 feet  but it sure feels like the walk of a thousand miles.  Experience teaches you to wait until there are some couples dancing then hustle across through the dancers and ask when opportunity provides a better chance for a “yes”.  With the green light shines from the face of the young lady, the chest of the coolest dude in the dance hall swells a mile.

After a while you become clever enough to ask a girl to the dance and then the longest walk is replaced by the biggest wait.  When you knock on the door expecting to have this beautiful woman meet you at the door but NO, her Dad answers the door, invites you in then starts asking you questions.  Sweat races from the pores of your skin quicker than racehorses jump from the barrier at the beginning of a race.  Perhaps MKMMA is not as difficult as some happenings in our lives.  Then again……….

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Week 5 MKMMA I quickly passed through or out.

It’s Sunday morning around 0520, Maree, my wife, and I are talking to each other.  Most couples are usually in the same room or in the same house when they chat.  Not us.  Maree is in Orange, New South Wales, Australia and I am in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  almost 1000 kilometres apart.  Why is this so strange.  It’s normal for around 46 weeks of the year, for us.  The key point is that Maree asks “do you find this strange………………………….  When I lie any way except on my left side, I have all this pain around my chest.”  Over the years when one is sick or unwell the other person panics.  “Do you think you should go to the hospital or call an ambulance.  How long has this been going on?”  I ask.  “On and off over the past few weeks.  But it’s OK.  When I stand up, it doesn’t hurt and I have no pain.”   By now I’m almost in the foetal position.  “Maree, you NEED to go to the hospital.”  Comments go back and forward and common sense finds no place in the conversation.  I’m frustrated and Maree is annoyed.  How do I keep the main thing the main thing?  Getting Maree to the hospital.

“What if you were to call the triage sister to see what she thinks is best, Maree?”  This is accepted by Maree and the phone call is made.  Momentarily Maree is back to say she will have a quick shower and go to the hospital.  “I will let you know before I leave” says Maree.  Thirty minutes zoom by.  The next time I gaze at the old tick tock, I start worrying as forty nine minutes have abated.  What’s happening with Maree.  This is far too long for her to shower and dress.  A zillion thoughts race through my mind.  Has she passed out, had an attack.  Ring neighbour no answer.  The Calvary of my mind gallop in and take control.  I ring the hospital, blah,blah, blah.  They connect me with the emergency department.  More blah, blah, blah and I am told by one of the medical team “don’t panic Mr Simpson your wife is here with us and we are looking after her.  We will call you as soon as we can give you some information.”  Sunday afternoon the hospital call to let me know the situation with Maree.  Her problem is not with her heart but it is all to do with her oxygen saturation.  Appointment are arranged with her usual doctor and her repository physician.

Maree’s week disappears into oblivion with appointments at the doctors, X-rays, a cat (not a meow cat) scan, her work and to a glorious weekend of marking student exam papers.  Me, on the other hand,fainted and was ordered to bed with a huge dose of MKMMA.

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Week 4 Was it really a dream???

In the distance I can faintly hear the sound of a siren wailing.  My mind considers is there a fire somewhere, an accident requiring police and ambulance.   One thing that is certain, is that a siren suggests something serious has happened or is about to take place.  The noise grows louder and louder.  I think to myself, self, whatever the emergency vehicle it is approaching my location at a matter of speed.  The deafening noise of the sirens suggests that these vehicles are imminently close.  Red and blue lights strobing across our front yard confirms how close.

Over the past week I have been on the lookout for blank index cards.  In Australia, we can only purchase index  cards with lines on them or without lines on them.  For our MKMMA work it is best to use index cards with lines on one side and no lines on the other side.  I have been making do with the lined cards.  Every time that I use them, frustration flows through my body.  The vibrant ones with the blue rectangles, yellow squares, red circles and green triangles that Mark demonstrates on the webinar and we see in our notes are my style.  My supplier does not have blank cards in stock but can pick them up for me on Wednesday when they go to the wholesaler.  That’s all good, thank you I reply.  Thursday brings the news that they were not able to go on Wednesday but are going Friday.  With a silent sigh, I agree to the new arrangement.

Life continues where I work on my masterkey skills, along with my DMP upgrades and proceed with my learning of  scroll one from The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  Og is good.  Og is great.  Og is my mate.  Og and I came to a decision the other day, there is no longer a WILL between us.  I’m reading the cards with enthusiasm.  Each week, more activities become an exciting part of my life. Sometimes it feels like there is no more room but I find space.  Hip Hip Hooray.

Simultaneously, there are no sirens only strobe lights flashing through the neighbourhood as orders bark from one among all these people in uniform.  Neighbours have flooded onto the street to see what is happening.  No one, including my family and I, have any idea what is happening.  Some in uniform bring some semblance of order to our street friends.  We have not ventured from our front Lanai.  Six of the officers in uniform scale our front fence then march across to where I am sitting.  The person giving the orders earlier asks “are you John Simpson?”.  Nervously, I respond “yes”.  Immediately, as I answer another of the uniformed people steps forward to stand by the side of the person that appears to be in charge.  “we understand that you are looking for blank cards to attach to the back of the lined cards, is this correct?”  “Um! Er! ………… Yes.  Who are you?”  “We are from the MKMMA Stationery Store, Davene has sent us with a selection of ‘giving and receiving’ cards where you can make  notes of what you previously called your ‘chores’.  They are plain lined on one side and blank on the other side.  You will be able to set your cards out exactly as the do in America.”  With that there was a precise about turn, back over the fence, all retreated into their vehicles, then drove silently out of the estate leaving the neighbours, my family and myself totally surprised.  Now there is another siren blasting out as I think “what has Davene given them that they overlooked passing on to me”.  Why such an emergency!

It’s no siren, it’s the alarm clock telling me it’s time to make a move.  My eyes open.  Wow. there is an index card in my hand.

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Week 3 MKMMA Friday on my Mind

There is an Easybeats song ‘Friday On My Mind’.  It’s a great song as it defines the week for this person.  Friday has arrived  “I’m gonna have fun in my city, I’ll be with my girl, she’s so pretty…”.  Friday’s on my mind for a whole different reason.  It’s blog day and I love the blog, now.  If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would feel this way I would have started laughing and gibbering “Who me writing a blog.  Are you craaaaazy?”

As I sit to start on the story for the week, I am nervous but not petrified as I was in week 1. There are several butterflies bumping into each other in my stomach but it is not a tragedy.  We have a conductor with a baton instructing my fingers to tap words on the keys in harmony with the thoughts that flow from my mind.  Gentle, fluid and peacefully onto the paper.  Such serenity.  Similar to my week that was eventually.  Sunday night was one of fitful sleep that meant that I was very tired for the webinar at dawn on Monday.  The webinar came alive like the sound of the bugler sounding reveille.  “We all have our own Kauai in our heart”.  My ears are wide open.  What a magnificent start to my week.  Two hours race by as I try to take everything in.  I have notes to use during the session with space to add my thoughts.  Extra room needed.  Extra paper at hand.  My mind is in overdrive as it races to keep up.  My petrol gauge is on empty as my mind rolls to a stop with information overload.  There is no need to panic.  We have the MKMMA PlayStation.  We can play it again and again at our leisure.  Settle Simmo.

In week 2, I had another Settle Simmo moment where I put OATS to effective use.  OATS allowed me to organise all my ‘honour’ requirements along with my ‘tangible’ responsibilities.  How beneficial it turned out to be.  It’s in my planner as well as stuck to my whyteboard.  Failsafe.  It was an OK week in terms of tasks completed.  Survey Tick.  DMP always under construction.  Blog tick.  In the ‘honour’ section I failed several times.  There were occasions where I was meant to read it once and I read it three times.  On another day, I missed reading my DMP aloud once on one day.  As my blog said “my head hurt, my back ached and I didn’t feel like talking”.  The main thing is that I kept the main thing the main thing.

Earlier I mentioned in my blog, week 3 started well.  My first learning experience was that we are not running a sprint.  Our journey is the race of life with twists, turns, dry gullies, old roads, new roads, highways and espressways.  The key is to keep moving forward.  Today, I realised that I had missed something important from my reading.  I had left out my blueprint builder.  I was angry and frustrated, very cranky and other words I can not utter.  What am I to do?  Part of an old poem ran through my mind.

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road I’m trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Look out week four I’m coming to get you.







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Week 2 MKMMA Shambles to Serinity

And he says “My head aches and my back hurts and I don’t feel like talkin'”
“Don’t wan’ go the show to see Doctor Zhivago”
“Don’t wanna take the dog out walkin'”
“I wanna sit right here in this easy chair, it’s been a jungle all day, you know”

It’s the end of the first week of  MKMMA and I feel just like the 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero.  I’m collapsed here in my easy chair contemplating what I need to do to make things easier this week or I’ll have to trade my feet in on a pair of rollerskates.  I know that I can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd.  In fact I couldn’t rollerskate anywhere without ending up in traction.  Whoa.  Hold up.  My mind has nodded off into la la land or my dreams are thinking thoughts I should not utter.

Read a scroll by some dude named ‘Og’, twenty something times a week.  I haven’t read this much since I left school.  Matter of fact, I didn’t read that much at school.  Oh no, I have to read a chapter from a book about Mastering Keys.  But wait there’s more.  Stuff about my Definite Major Purpose.  Now I have promised to do a chore by a certain date and I read it out for my sub conscious to hear.  This has to be more than a dream.  What!!!!!! I sitting in a quiet place, being well behaved and not allowed to speak.  I’ve been kidnapped by that Jo Frost, the Super Nanny.  Help, Help let me out.  This is not fair.  Now I’m banned from watching tele.  Wake up John.  This has got to be a dream.

This is no dream and there is no Jo Frost.  This is my emotional struggle to deal with building a better me.  I forgot to read my DMP twice.  When I sit for 15 minutes I have woken up an hour or so later as often as I have made the 15 minute sit.  I’m all over the place.  Disorganised.  In all my confusion, elements of reality flitter in and out of my la la world.  There was a video that I remember watching about feeding horses.  It’s mixed through the food of racehorses.  I remember we used to do it for the horses when we were kids.  Yep.  We gave them quality OATS.  For me to be a thoroughbred, OATS is a must.

It’s OATS day, it’s Friday.  Time to take control of what I am doing.  No more wandering aimlessly around loaded down with a cargo care of Wells and Fargo. Will it all come together.  What are my Objectives for this week?  What Action is needed to meet my objectives.  What Time is required to slam those actions into line.  The most important step is to Schedule the detail into my planner.

La la land is disappearing into the late afternoon dusk.  My rollerskates have been devoured by a ravinious buffalo loitering on the edge of the herd.  My back no longer hurts from carrying this load and my head no longer hurts as organisation takes the place of confusion.  OATS goes a long way to supplement my diet.

Well, at five thirty-five at the corner of Franklin and Walnut
A blue station wagon comes slidin’ around the corner
And on down Franklin Pike Circle all you’re seein’ is a streak of blue
And pulls in the drive at the address of 1432.

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Week 1 What is the next step …………

Excitement pumps through my veins.  I’m impatient.  I cannot wait to start.  Oh No!  Expletives gush from my mouth.  That excitement has been replaced with fear  pumping along my veins as I realise that I don’t know what to do.  “Take a deep breath” my mind is screaming at me.  “Settle down,  find the instructions”, say the mind but I’m not listening.  I’m a man why would I need instructions.  I cannot find them anyway.  They are one of the causes of my stress.  It’s time to start all over again.  Yes I know you want my email address so that I can set up that thingame??? but I have done that when I signed up for my scholarship.  Okay, okay I have a password.  For heaven sake, I don’t need another password.  Here we go, my mind is offering some advice “you have done all this, you are in the wrong section.  You need to start again”.  “Yea, yea now I’m talking to myself again” great conversation this will be.

In the red corner, fighting at a million thoughts per second, is Mr Silly and in the blue corner weighing in a 300 thoughts per second, we have Mr Sillier.  A genius and a know it all.  Great competitors.  We have Silly and Sillier duking it out in my little grey cells to find a solution to another dilemma that is stressing me out.  The bells are ringing and the referee is pulling them apart as the fight comes to the end of the round.  Some peace and quiet for 30 seconds.

This time I type in my link correctly and I’m in the dashboard section.  Is this the right place to be?  On the left it says postsJust as I start to relax, Sillier scream out to me “what do you want posts for you are not building a fence?”.  Silly counter punches with “this is where you need to be.  He doesn’t know what he is saying.”  I decide to listen to Silly.  Out of the corner of my eye I see it add new.  Phew, I may be going the right way.  My heart is beating a little slower so I click on the button.  Up pops a template that looks similar to the body of an email, let’s take a look.  Flashing like a neon light I see title.

All of a sudden I notice that the fighting in my grey cells has stopped.  Silly and Sillier have stopped jibbering at each other.  In fact that counter punch from Silly has landed Sillier on the seat of his pants and Sillier is proped up in the blue corner receiving an injection of common sense.  Blood pressure is GOOD.  My stress levels are back to normal and I find myself writing in the title of this blog What is the next step……       
Jigsaw Steps

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